When Cookies Get Weird…

migraine aura decorated cookies

I've made weird cookies before. The walrus cookies of 2012. The Xanadu cookies (apparently I'm the only person to admit to loving Xanadu). That time I tried making Don Draper cookies and they ended up looking exactly like Mitt Romney.

Well, these cookies are more abstract than on-the-nose. Mr. E, knowing what they represent, said they're like cookies to take to a support group. He's not wrong.

These cookies are my representation of…a migraine headache aura. Yep, I told you. WEIRD. 

migraine aura decorated cookies

Luckily, I've only had three migraine headaches in my life. How do you know you're having a migraine? You want to detach your head from your body. (Not to be dramatic, but migraines are no joke.) My heart goes out to all of you who have them regularly.

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